Du Nord

A film is not complete without it’s viewer’s input.
We watch the film with eyes and ears, but we see films with our minds and hearts.
Each viewer will have a unique impression based on their personality, life experiences, beliefs and acquired tastes.

I watched French animated film Tout en haut du monde (Далеко на север, 2015) yesterday, and on the 17th minute of it’s run my mind was blown open as first notes of a song gave this film a whole new dimension and depth.

Song is by The Magnetic North from their 2012 album “Orkney Symphony of the Magnetic North”, beloved by me but oh-so-obscure.

with your heart jumping in your chest

In year 2014 another song, Bay of Skail, from the same album became my ultimate traveling song.

it's all there

Journey North:

Дорога из Петербурга в Архангельск через Вологду

Fictional history of Arctic exploration?

Гостиные дворы | Маршруты экспедиции

Выставка в Архангельском музее


Гостиные дворы | Работа участника экспедиции

Female protagonist:

Young Russian girl

Hunting For Remoteness

Every little thing I know
Every little thing I have
It’s all there

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