i hate not being alone, i hate reminders about me being alone.
i hate it with this burning passion, that could be used so well in much more pleasurable activities.

don’t feel any desire to create such reminders with my own actions – i’m not masochistic, thanks to whoever was in charge.

по трезвому рассуждению, написаное очень большими буквами на заметном участке земной поверхности слово LOSER – вполне себе достижение.

Boarded or Panoramic

there’s certain connection in my mind between Old Mam* and Elsa Lübing**.
first one shuts herself in her home, while other one enjoys a panoramic view from her window.
just two equal possibilities.

Stalin smiles and Hitler laughs, Churchill claps Mao Tse-Tung on the back.

* character from “Death and the Maiden” by Ray Bradbury
** character from “Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne” by Peter Høeg