Stats | Top-50 songs (2005-2010)

  1. Kei Ogura – 光の橋を越えて
  2. Steve Conte – Words that We Couldn’t Say
  3. Belle and Sebastian – I Fought In A War
  4. Ikue Asazaki – Obokuri-Eemui
  5. Steve Conte – Heaven’s Not Enough
  6. Calexico – Sunken Waltz
  7. Franz Ferdinand – Outsiders
  8. Pulp – This Is Hardcore
  9. Tarantula, Yuri Kasahara – “Libera me” from hell
  10. 石川智晶 – アンインストール
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papercraft | cubeecraft collection

Cubeecraft collection – papertoys, my build.
Model by: cubeecraft
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)
Time: less than an hour each

Stormtrooper cubee
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panic attack

save me save me save me
save me save me save me
save me save me save me
save me

my father will stay in St.Petersburg ’till Dec. 13 for 25 bloody DAYS.
i love my father, i just don’t understand how can people live with their parents other people and don’t hang themselves or jump from the highest building?
i guess i could use a couple of lessons on the subject.