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I love my home, I realy do.
I’m glad i can call it a home – that’s very important for me.
I’m extremelly protective of it, very few people been there in those 5 years, and I don’t think my admission policy will ever be more lax.

The Beatles poster I got as a present for my 12 birthday, I brought it with me from Khabarovsk in 2009, I’ve missed it all those years.

My book tiers

Special book, art by scoutiegirl

Interesting book – you open it planning to read a few pages before going to sleep and suddenly find yourself still awake in 4 am.
Awesome book – one that forces you to laugh out load despite reading conditions/presence of others.
Fantastic book – one that makes you beaming with happiness and mirth while you run around, doing stuff.
Exceptional book – the one you start re-reading straight away.

and the winner is...

Good Omens

good omens crowley by hd6428

fanart by hd6428

Искаженное восприятие


Странное “полотно” на гараже, неподалеку от моего дома.
Мне там всегда виделось Солнце, с глазами и жадным ртом, перекачав же фото с фотоаппарата, мне пришла в голову другая идея – это плотоядный цветок!
И только сейчас, набирая этот текст, я углядел павлина.

Кажется, это говорит больше обо мне, чем об авторе рисунка.