Events | Symphonic weekend


Симфонический оркестр Мариинского театра
Дирижер – Валерий ГЕРГИЕВ
Малер. Симфония № 7

Симфонический оркестр Филармонии
Дирижер – Юрий Темирканов
Брамс. Концерт № 2 для фортепиано с оркестром
Солист – Ефим Бронфман
Брамс. Симфония № 2

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Events | Brahms, Symphony No. 1 in C minor


XII Международный зимний фестиваль «Площадь Искусств»
Люцернский симфонический оркестр
Дирижер – Джеймс Гаффиган

Лист. Концерт №1 для фортепиано с оркестром
Солист – Николас Ангелич

Рим. «Близкое далёко»
(Комментарии к 1-ой симфонии Брамса)
Первое исполнение в России

Брамс. Симфония №1

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new bag | Envirosax shopping bags

Envirosax bagsшопперы от Envirosax

На прошлой неделе окончательно порвалась моя авоська для покупок и я решил прикупить пару новых, чтобы продолжать экономить на пакетах, не таскать ничего в руках и заботиться о планете, посильно уменьшая использование пластика.

Выбор пал на два шоппера от Envirosax, в черном и серо-голубом цвете с приятными принтами. Производитель обещает супер-прочные швы и защиту от дырок, вот и проверим.
Размер сумки в развернутом виде: 50 см. x 42 см.

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December 09, 2011 – Calendar

I’ve developed a fascination with things, tracking time when I was still a child.
This little device belonged to my grandfather since 1969, he carried it everywhere for 21 year.
I used to play with it for hours: it was my own pocket Time Machine!
I was so sad when 1991 came.

My father never tosses old calendars, he keeps them to use again later, when the right time comes.
I have to admit that I’ve stashed a few myself.

I love watches, it seems to go in family.
Both my grandfathers had several, my father has 4, even my mother owns 3 by now.
In time I expect to have a collection of my own.
I have some very specific requirements though: not-thin bracelet and hours marked with indexes.

For long periods in my life i’ve worn watches on both hands.
It started in school, when my father tried to fight my inclination to wear a watch on my right hand.
“Show me your hand!” – he demanded when I would come by to visit.
I dutifully showed him the “right” left hand.
He never got to think to check another…

I’m only truly naked when my watch is removed.
The act of its removing is both amusing and somewhat symbolic.

Not to be forgotten, that all of those are traits of a person who easily forgets what day it is and actually needs a reminder about his own birthday.
But thanks to this 42-years old gadjet I always knew I was born on Monday.