Star Wars papertoys

Star Wars papertoys

My papertoys from vast Star Wars universe -based on original template by Paperized Crafts, which I’ve modified massively make them easier to build.
Free to download.

Creative Commons licence

This works are distributed under Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence.

Don’t reupload PDFs, but you can freely link to relevant posts.


  • Download PDF template.
  • Print them out – I prefer matte photo paper 120gsm (you’ll need 1-2 A4 pages, depending on model)
  • Each page has instructions on how to build papertoys
  • Many pages have photos of an assembled papertoy (in progress).
  • Many papertoys feature optional parts: extra faces, clothing, accessories. You can mix and match freely.
  • If you build them – please consider sending me some photos via e-mail, provide a link in the comments or tag me on various social media.
    Photos are the best feedback!

Other Star Wars papercraft:

Star Wars Rogue One

I did papertoys of Orson Krennic and Galen Erso, fathers of Death Star, later I plan to add rebel team too.

Star Wars Orson Krennic papercraft
Director Orson Krennic
Star Wars Galen Erso papercraft
Galen Erso

Star Wars Original Trilogy

Papertoys from the original trilogy – versions from later episodes to be added in future.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker episode 4 papercraft
Luke Skywalker (episode 4)
Star Wars Princess Leia episode 4 papercraft
Princess Leia Organa (episode 4)
Star Wars Han Solo episode 4 papercraft
Han Solo (episode 4)
Star Wars Lando Calrissian papercraft
Lando Calrissian
Star Wars Grand Moff Tarkin papercraft
Grand Moff Tarkin
Star Wars Emperor Palpatine papercraft
Emperor Palpatine
Star Wars Darth Vader papercraft
Darth Vader

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Character papertoys (+some fan-works staples) from sequel Star Wars trilogy.

Star Wars General Hux papercraft
General Hux
Star Wars Kylo Ren papercraft
Kylo Ren
Star Wars Emperor Hux papercraft
Star Wars Kylo Amidala papercraft
Kylo Amidala
Star Wars Captain Phasma papercraft
Captain Phasma
Star Wars Stormtrooper papercraft
First Order Stormtroopers
Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper papercraft
FN-2187 “Finn” & FN-2003 “Slip”
Star Wars Rey episode 7 papercraft
Rey & BB-8 (episode 7)
Star Wars Finn episode 7 papercraft
Finn (episode 7)
Star Wars Poe episode 7 papercraft
Poe Dameron (episode 7)
Star Wars Rey episode 8 papercraft
Rey (episode 8)
Star Wars Finn episode 8 papercraft
Finn (episode 8)
Star Wars Poe episode 8 papercraft
Poe Dameron (episode 8)
Star Wars Rose Tico papercraft
Rose Tico (episode 8)
Star Wars Snoke papercraft
Snoke (episode 8)
Star Wars Rey episode 9 papercraft
Rey (episode 9)
Star Wars Kylo Ren episode 9 papercraft
Ben Solo (episode 9)
Star Wars Finn episode 9 papercraft
Finn (episode 9)
Star Wars Poe episode 9 papercraft
Poe Dameron (episode 9)
Star Wars Pryde papercraft
General Enric Pryde (episode 9)
Star Wars Sith Rey papercraft
sith!Rey (episode 9)

Star Wars Others

Beloved characters from other media: books, comics, etc.

Star Wars Admiral Thrawn papercraft
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Star Wars Pellaeon papercraft
Gilad Pellaeon
Star Wars Eli Vanto papercraft
Eli Vanto
Star Wars ArAlani papercraft
Admiral Ar’alani
Star Wars Sloane papercraft
Admiral Rae Sloane

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