foobar2000: Azrael Mod Columns UI config

foobar2000 Columns_UI Azrael Mod by kuzzzma preview

A classic Azrael foobar2000 Columns UI config brought back to life.
It was updated for use with the latest foobar2000 versions (including foobar2000 v.2 and Columns UI 2 and newer).
I’ve added support for new plugis and features, reworked inner workings and streamlined it’s logic.


Original release – by Kian Andersen a.k.a. Neksus
Mod – by kuzzzma, published with permission from original author.


Azrael Mod: Documentation – explainer on inner working, new features and set-up
Azrael Mod: Themes – screenshots of all 48 themes for easier selection, explainer on variables to create your own theme.
Azrael Mod: Changelog – full changelog for this and future releases.
Azrael Mod: Screenshots – more screenshots of various playlists configurations.
foobar2000: Azrael Mod posts – series of posts, related to Azrael Mod development.

Discussion & feedback:

Hydrogenaudio thread
Тред на


  • Mixed playlists with full albums, single tracks, Various artists albums.
  • Full Albums playlists
  • Various artists playlists
  • Single Tracks playlists
  • Classical music playlists
  • %DISC% (if %disc% then it will write (Disc #))
  • Playback Statistics
  • Enhanced Playback Statistics
  • ReplayGain
  • BPM
  • Lyrics
  • Soft Playlists plugin


Latest version:

If you want, you can get my full layout & extras (foobar2000 1.6 only, as not all panes are compatible with x64 versions).
Download with more detailed description of layout and plugins with lots of screenshots available HERE (text in Russian as of now).


Full changelog available here: Azrael Mod: Changelog

1.0 – by kuzzzma (April 2021)
Restored functionality by updating code for use with current Columns_UI plugin.
Reworked columns and logic:

  • 5 playlist variations to suit any scenario: Basic, All music, VA-playlist, Singles playlist, Classical playlist.
  • Added more tech fields to customize further.
Reworked theming:

  • Renamed variables for easier customization.
  • Added style for NG Playlist Grouping (Enable at Columns UI/Playlist View/Grouping).
  • Added 16 new themes.
  • Added option to choose stripes or solid color for tracklist of albums.
  • Added more customization options.
Added support for:

  • Enhanced Playback Statistics.
  • BPM.
  • Lyrics.
  • Soft Playlists plugin
  • .


Azrael Mod has 48 themes, all of them can be previewed here: Azrael Mod: Themes.

foobar2000 Columns_UI Azrael Mod by kuzzzma all tehmes preview


More screenshots and my notes on usage are available Azrael Mod: Screenshots page.

foobar2000: azrael mod by kuzzzma - Basic Mixed playlist with artMixed playlist:Singles, Various Album, Normal Album WITH Art & Grouping

foobar2000: azrael mod by kuzzzma - All Music playlist with artPlaylist variation: “All Music” autoplaylist WITH Art & Grouping

foobar2000: azrael mod by kuzzzma - Only Singles playlistPlaylist variation: All SINGLES playlist

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