Azrael Mod: Changelog

Changelog for Azrael Mod by kuzzzma

Full list of changes in this version is available below:

1.0 – by kuzzzma (April 2021)
Restored functionality by updating code for use with current Columns_UI plugin.
Reworked columns and logic:

  • 5 playlist variations to suit any scenario: Basic, All music, VA-playlist, Singles playlist, Classical playlist.
  • Added more tech fields to customize further.
Reworked theming:

  • Renamed variables for easier customization.
  • Added style for NG Playlist Grouping (Enable at Columns UI/Playlist View/Grouping).
  • Added 16 new themes.
  • Added option to choose stripes or solid color for tracklist of albums.
  • Added more customization options.
Added support for:

  • Enhanced Playback Statistics.
  • BPM.
  • Lyrics.
  • Soft Playlists plugin
  • .

Changelog for Azrael by Kian Andersen aka Nexus

Last updated: 25th of July 2006 17:14

This changelog was taken from copy of his page for posterity.

Azrael 5.8
  • Implemented new $set_style format
  • New Notification area tooltip code
  • Minor code changes and bug fixes
  • Some color scheme’s has updated colors (seriously can’t remember where or when I changed something)
Azrael 5.7
  • Big recoding (Too many changes to write this time)
  • New color scheme format
  • New color schemes: Tronnix, XPMC Alpha, Fear Factory, Thunder Storm, Fly OS, Luster & Fresco (White & Black)
  • Some color schemes have changed!
  • Removed some options
  • Design change
  • Some features where removed (some where readded again in a new way)
  • Changed settings default (see documentation)
Azrael 5.6.6
  • Readded Statusbar code from version 5.4
  • Uses new Play_counter tagz
  • Added option to use DD/MM-YEAR TIME format
  • New colour scheme Largo
Azrael 5.6
  • Changed albuminfo selected colouring (background and text)
  • Changed column seperator after albuminfo (small coding change nothing to see here)
  • Added abbreviation of long album names on singletracks in album mode
  • Smaller changes here and there (I’ll never tell)
Azrael 5.5 Revived
  • New colour scheme Oxidized
  • Added abbreviation of long album names in single mode
  • Disabled extension column by default
Azrael Last Edition (5.4)
  • Fixed singletrack with tracknumber one bug (showed design line)
  • Changed size of length column to fix xx:xx times not showing the first x in elapsed
  • Exchanged the * in the rating column with circles
  • Changed size of rating columns to go with the circles
  • Added new option, it is now possible to choose your own rating char
  • Added ‘va’ tag as Various Artist detector
  • Fixed 3 digit tracknumbers starting with 00
  • Status bar: the trailing ‘]’ is not drawn in all situations. bug fixed (thanks Christoph)
Azrael 5.3
  • Fixed Singletrack bug (column destroying colors)
  • Fixed using bonustrack tag in album mode bug (no space between title and *Bonustrack*)
  • Fixed colouring bug when title has tekst(tekst)tekst bug (last tekst was wrong colouring)
  • Fixed colouring bug with all columns using custom colours!
  • Added new colour scheme Luna Element (Mostly like Luna but another blue and some other colours changed!)
Azrael 5.2
  • Added new colour scheme (Prominence Pro)
  • More tracknumber types are now support (first album line)
Azrael 5.1
  • Fixed first line bug (tracknumber support issue)
  • Fixed not showing Unknown Artist on Various Artist albums bug
  • Recoding of trackrating no more speciel color codes and now shows * and not || (and much less code, global coded)
  • Clean up colorcoding to remove redundant trackrating colors
  • Made rating column smaller
Azrael 5.0
  • Removed option to not display extra codec info
  • Made ext column that shows .ext
  • Changed now-playing a little
  • Some Minor changes in the statusbar (can’t remember all of them)
  • Removed progressbar from statusbar (I didn’t like it)
  • Added Show ReplyGain info in title column option (so it is possible to remove the RG column
  • Removed different coloring of the first line
  • Added Starting line for albums
  • Added option set all lowercase or first letter uppercase in ext column
  • Added Selected color change to album info
Azrael 4.9.1
  • Added new color scheme: LaST (Cobalt)
  • Now playing animation now uses title colors
  • Made Now playing animation 3 chars and not 5 and changed a little
  • Changed the size of Artist and Title column
  • Fixed album mode line showing for tracknumber 4 even if singletrack tag is set
Azrael – Statusbar update
  • Rerranged stuff in the statusbar
  • Removed some spacers
  • Fixed a bug with tab() (old code that was not removed)
  • Cleaned up the code
  • Removed speciel musepack features
  • Made progressbar larger
  • Put [ ] around ReplyGain info
  • Show Codec info? (default off)[statusbar]
  • Show Bitrate? (default off)[statusbar]
  • Show Extrainfo? (default off)[statusbar]
  • Show ReplyGain info? (default on)[statusbar]
  • Progressbar length (default 100)[statusbar]
Azrael 4.9
  • New statusbar design (Recoded/Modified version of upNorth’s design)
  • Tweaked finishing line a little
  • Turned on ReplayGain Column
  • Fixed Date text changing color when selected bug
  • Option show album info on singletrack is now turned off by default
  • Codec code now shows the soundfiles extension (in uppercase) it uses much less code
  • Codec code musepack now shows q3 -> q8 and not long preset names
  • Made encoding column smaller
  • Made lasttrack line work with tracknumber/lasttrack tracknumbering
  • Fixed some tracknumber compatibility issues
Azrael 4.8.8
  • Removed different coloring of tracknumber 4
  • Added bottom line to tracknumber 4
  • Genre/Composer tradede places with Discname/Disc/Date
  • If lasttrack then there will be a finishing line when an album ends!
Azrael 4.8.7
  • Fixed if no discname tag then disc tag is not displayed bug
  • Turned off some seperator columns
  • Added new column Path (turned off by default)
  • Added Start & End Line (design color)
Azrael 4.8.6
  • Fixed singletrack displaying all album info (like date etc.) bug
Azrael 4.8.5
  • Fixed is_single background bug
  • Changed which columns are shown by default (my needs have changed)
  • Removed some redundant code
  • Added an option to show album info from singletracks (on by default)
Azrael 4.8.1
  • Fixed genre / composer bug
Azrael 4.8
  • All new -s- (single playlist) code and design
  • Recoded album design core code (using of $select and not $if hacks)
  • Recoded coloring of album mode (using of $select and not $if hacks)
  • Some redesigning of album mode
  • Small fixes here and there
  • Removed different coloring of single lines in album mode
  • Removed different coloring of first line in title column
  • Rearranged all color schemes! (This makes them harder to read but uses less kb, I have not changed them on the web so if you need a template use them)
  • Added PixOS Color Scheme
Azrael 4.7.3
  • Added an option to use the Green Check and Red X in ReplayGain Column
Azrael 4.7.2
  • Moved Genre info to track 4
  • Added an option to switch album and artist position
  • Removed No Trackrating text
  • Made rating column smaller
  • Added support for dynamic bitrate
Azrael 4.7
  • Changed ReplayGain and Now-playing so that Azrael now should support any font you wish to use
  • Fixed some coloring of track 4 info
  • Moved animation closer to title
  • Changed Rating to || for better support
  • Changed Rating color (all schemes) so it does not change on it’s way up
  • Made rating compatible with %rating% and %trackrating%
  • Added all the color schemes to the file
  • Removed the selected item frame info from color selection (Look at the color or in the documentation)
Azrael 4.6
  • Rearranged some of the columns
  • Added an option to turn off the AlbumGain info in the RG Column
  • Optimized some coding
  • Changed codec coding (Musepack->MPC, Monkey’s Audio->APE, The True Audio->TTA)
  • Made encoding column smaller
  • Added Unknown Artist and Unknown Album in Album mode
  • Turned off Encoding column by default
  • Changed the sizes of artist and title
  • Moved the now-playing animation to the title text
Azrael 4.5.2
  • Fixed singletrack with tracknumber 1 coloring failure
  • Changed some colors in Dark Red
  • Changed Artist alignment (it was wrong)
  • Made TTA show as ‘The True Audio’
  • Changed so TTA compression is not calculated but taken from compression info
Azrael 4.5.1
  • Made Encoding column bigger
  • Added Compression info to Monkey’s Audio Files (Fast, Normal etc.)
Azrael 4.5
  • Changed the color sections so they are a little smaller (not much but everthing counts)
  • Added TTA support to encoding column
  • Cleaned up some code here and there
  • Made Encoding column bigger
  • Made ReplayGain column smaller
  • Made Tracknumber column smaller
  • Change some of the seperator columns to “disappear” when selected
  • Moved genre up besides artist
  • Moved date to where genre was
  • Coded Caps2 features to Globals
  • Coded Encoding to Globals
  • Coded Now-playing animation to Globals
  • Made Now-playing animation have one color (I like this better)
Azrael 4.4.7
  • Recoded title code! (More optimized, first track on album now has same color as artist! (So it is easier to see)
  • Recoded playlist numbering! (More optimized, removed coloring of dimmed when is_playing)
  • Added bonusf color for coloring () and bonustrack in the first album track
Azrael 4.4.6
  • Disc & Discname now works together!
  • Changed Artist column size
  • Added links to skins that inspired the color schemes
Azrael 4.4.5
  • Added new color scheme (em Meditation)
  • Changed singletrack detection code (Thanks to nIRV)
  • Removed some color schemes out of the download (they are now available in the documentation)
  • Made a Custom color choice where users can insert there own color or one from my list
Azrael 4.4
  • Added changing row color on none album tracks
  • Added changing row color on info columns (playlistnumber, encoding, rg, play counter, rating, filename)
  • Fixed a design column that was coded wrong
  • Added WavPack, OptimFROG support to encoding code (hopefully)
  • Made Musepack output MPC
  • Changed encoding column size
  • Added 2 new color scheme (Watercolor & Stetz)
  • Added titlep for changing title playing color
  • Fixed Selected Various Artist Text in some schemes (artistvs did not exist in all schemes)
Azrael 4.3.5
  • Removed $roman tracknumber option (made # column to big and ugly)
  • Changed # column size
  • Dimmed leading zeros in tracknumbers (added alle 4 colors to global config)
  • Changed Last Time Played: “dd/mm/yy @ time” to direct output (please config play_counter to save in the format you want shown!)
  • Changed align code in -s- artist
  • Changed -s- artist size
  • Per request changed Play Counter to 1000 and not 10000
  • Changed Play Counter column size
Azrael 4.3
  • Added ‘Last Time Played: dd/mm/yy @ time’ to statusbar
  • Added if track four has %lasttrack% as tag it will have album info color and not the design color!
  • Changed The Codec code in the statusbar to be like in the Encoding Column (Plus added Channels, and Samplerate)
  • Changed Rating column to show No Trackrating if no trackrating tag is present
  • Recoded large parts of the statusbar code
  • Optimized Main title code and Systray code
  • Cleaned up encoding column code
  • Cleaned up PL column code
  • Cleaned up and optimized the title code (reduced the size to a little under half)
  • Play Counter now shows dimmed 00000 if files have not been played (Contains no play_counter tag)
Azrael 4.2.27
  • Added Play Counter Column (enabled)
  • Changed Now-playing animation code (very very small change)
  • Changed tracknumber column size (to match roman tracknumber option)
  • Fixed Luna Playing Background Color
Azrael 4.2.26
  • Fixed artist alignment option!
Azrael 4.2.25
  • Changed title code so when $caps2() is turn on it only wraps around titles, extra and bonustrack not artist
  • Changed title (-s-) code so that on various the artist is not shown (it is shown in artist column)
  • Changed playlistnumbering dimming (now does not use playlist_total but 1000)
  • Changed a color in Rebutz2 Dusk (Playlist dimmed selected)
  • Moved now-playing note to titles column
  • Moved now-playing animation into title (being in a column for it self just took to much space!)
  • Deleted now-playing columns
  • Changed artist and title size
  • Added an option to convert tracknumbers to Roman numbers
  • Fixed coloring in Filename column
Azrael 4.2.21
  • Added an option to use $caps2() on the title column
Azrael 4.2.20
  • Added new color scheme ReButz2 Dusk
Azrael 4.2.19
  • Added filename column (is disabled by default)
  • Added singletrack option (if not(album tag) then singletrack)
Azrael 4.2.18
  • Fixed a color in Pixel8
  • Added an option to make an album appear like various if directoryname is only album
Azrarel 4.2.17
  • Added an option that looks for replaygain_album info and if none is found sets track as singletrack (is disabled by default)
  • Added Composer info to track 4 (Looks like artist)
Azrael 4.2.16
  • Moved now-playing animation to own column (it sometimes destroyed titles if the title was long)
  • Fixed coloring mistake when using -s- indicator in playlist name
  • Fixed tracknumber showing on singletracks – showed 00 (this was fixed in a silent release)
  • Changed title and artist colum sizes
  • Added Dark Purple color scheme
Azrael 4.2.15
  • Reverted to $num(%tracknumber%, for different tracknumber style support (1/2, 01/12, 12 of 12 and so on)
Azrael 4.2.14
  • Added Pixel8 color scheme
Azrael 4.2.13
  • Added and option to move the artist (align left or right) on singletracks
Azrael 4.2.4
  • Moved album in singletrack so it shows like this artist [album]
  • Fixed some color bugs
  • Dimmed [album] in singletracks!
  • Fixed extra ‘)’ in Lossless Audio Files
  • Recoded the Encoding Column (Optimized = less code)
  • Changed Musepack (105 kbps q5 sv to Musepack [q5 sv7] (105 kbps)
  • Made Encoding Column bigger
Azrael 4.2.3
  • Added VBR & CBR info to MP3 codec
  • Added q1 -> q8 info for MusePack codec
  • Added streamversion info for MusePack codec
  • Made Encoding column bigger
Azrael 4.2.2
  • Added support for making whole playlists look like singletrack (using the -s- indicator anywhere in the name will activate it)
Azrael 4.2.1
  • Added [album] to singletracks where it exists
Azrael 4.2
  • Changed some colors in alle the themes
  • Added Shortening of Windows Media Audio V7/V8 to WMA
  • Added Shortening of Windows Media Audio V9 Lossless Mode to WMA Lossless (compression ratio)
  • Changed size of Encoding Field
  • Fixed the text where parenthesis is dimmed first in track title
  • Added Commentary to almost everything
  • Changed the ‘parenthesis is dimmed’ code
  • Added new color theme: b0se OpusOS Blue (yes it is another blue but more smooth)
  • Fixed some title coloring
  • Fixed some playlist coloring
  • Added more color controls
  • Made Codec name be to the left and quality be on the right
Azrael 4.1.8
  • Changed standard size of album and title
  • Align Playlistnumber to the right
  • Fixed filename not showing anymore (when no title tag is present)
  • Fixed Playlistnumber color in Dark Theme
  • Added support for BONUSTRACK tag shows *Bonus Track* in dimmed color besides track title
  • Added grey Unknow Artist when no Artist tag is present on singletracks
  • Dimmed parenthesis in track title
Azrael 4.1.7
  • New Color: Luna (Matches Windows XP Luna (Blue)
  • Fixed a bug with singletrack background
  • Added more colors to control
Azrael 4.1.6
  • New Color: Dark (Red & Black Theme)
  • Added more color controls
  • Small corrections
  • Small bug fixes
Azrael 4.1.5
  • Various Artist update – Changed so that %album artist% and %performer% is shown if present (else various artist is shown)
Azrael 4.1.4
  • Better detection of Singletrack (Like Dynamic by upNorth)
  • Better detection of Various Artist (Like Dynamic by upNorth)
Azrael 4.1.3
  • Small bug fixes
  • Added b0se Classic Green color scheme
  • Mixed Normal and Rating to one version with Rating disabled by default
Azrael 4.1.2
  • Updated to beta 7 format
  • Small changes
Azrael 4.1
  • Made 2 color schemes (Goof, b0se Classic)
  • Fixed some small bugs
Azrael 4
  • Moved all colors to Global (making it easy to change colors)
  • Changed colors to fit my current skin Goof
  • Optimized some more code!
Azrael 3
  • Moved RG to outer right side (switched with encoding)
  • Moved now-playing marker from beside artist to beside title (works better)
  • Moved %discname% and %disc% to tracknumber 3
  • Moved %date% to tracknumber 2
  • Moved %genre% to tracknumber 3
  • Moved a lot of colors to global
  • No coloring of 1. track on albums in: RG, Encoding, Playlist
  • Added background to album info (custom coloring of artist column)
  • Added background to title (custom coloring of title column)
  • Made singletrack artist right align
  • Changed size of outer seperators
  • Some more code optimizing
Azrael 2.6.3
  • Bugfix (now tracknumbers 01, 02 ,03 ,04 etc. can be used!)
Azrael 2.6.2
  • Changed statusbar (so that it shows codec info like in column)
Azrael 2.6.1
  • More code optimizing
  • Using new $tracknumber() function of 8.1 beta (makes the code smaller)
Azrael 2.6
  • Optimized the code (made some more global and minimized some other things)
Azrael 2.5
  • Better various support (artist is shown as Various Artist and the artist name is shown in front of the title (Like Hybrid and Dynamic by UpNorth)
Azrael 2.4
  • an animated now playing marker in the title column
  • Dimmed zeroes in playlist numbers!
  • Zero not visible with tracknumber 1 and is_playing
Azrael 2.2
  • Changed background (does not change on each track! I didn’t like that)
  • Made another seperator (1px after tracknumber to symbol title start)
  • Made the seperator before tracknumber only show on albums
  • Made more room for Encoding (Monkey’s Audio (xx%) is now visible)
  • Made less room for playlistnumber
  • Made less room for tracknumber
  • Made less room for ReplayGain
  • Changed Statusbar (now shows running time / length = % and TGain & AGain info)
  • Made Playlist, now playing marker, tracknumber, Length, RG & Encoding not resize!
  • Changed size of outer seperators (design)
  • Made album, date, genre and now playing marker stay black even when selected
Azrael 2.0
  • New design (not so many columns more place for artist and title)
  • More use of separator (to make the cool look) They don’t resize (Thanks to RotAtoR)
  • Genre included (this is for all of you I don’t believe in genre each band plays it’s way)
  • new length of artist and title (now all my album names and titles are shown)
  • Most likely other things I don’t remember!
Azrael 1.12
  • Change Seperators to resize=0 (thanks RotAtoR)
  • Changed color of ReplayGain Icons (was hard to see)
  • Made ReplayGain Icons change color when selected
Azrael 1.10
  • Changed colors to match my current skin!
  • Made text color differ! (Selected, 1. track, others)
Azrael 1.01
  • Added “- -” in Date of albums
  • Fixed other small issues!
Azrael 1.0 – First Release

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