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Paradigm is a responsive theme for Zenphoto CMS, based on the Bootstrap (version 3.3.5) framework. It’s optimised for SEO and works well on a variety of platforms, from desktops to laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Theme uses logical document titles hierarchy, accessible to search engines tag pages, conditional meta title and description, microdata (schema.org), OpenGraph and Twitter cards. Social sharing buttons can be integrated with ShareThis, links to social profiles can be added to the footer.
Extra files include robots.txt and .htaccess.

Originally this theme was created and developed by Olivier Ffrench, but seems to be abandoned by the author. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to contact him with bug report in February, and wrote again in June to ask for permission to release my update with fixes, so the theme can be used with Zenphoto 1.6 release.
Since I’ve updated this theme to fix usage of depreciated functions and added several new features, I’ve decided to make it available to others.

New additions include: more flexibility for displaying content

Page menu


Bug reports and ideas can be sent to me by e-mail: kuzzzma@gmail.com




  • Upgrade to using current Bootstrap release
  • Feature suggestions are welcome.

Latest changes:

Full changelog for Paradigm theme.

1.4a – by kuzzzma (November 2023)
  • Added Image Number (within Album) to image Title and Description meta-tags, to combat identical Title and Description for images.
  • Added auto-generated text to Albums (without descriptions) and Tags pages Description meta-tags, to combat identical Title and Description for those pages.
  • Some code clean-up for usage with php 8.2 (thanks, fretzl)
1.4 – by kuzzzma (November 2023)
  • Added option to assign rel=”nofollow” to Tags links (works on every page, where they are displayed).
  • Added option to specify length to News Items on Homepage.
  • Added option to enable Album Descriptions on Homepage.
    If Album Custom Data is present – it is shown in full, if it is not available, Album Description is used.
  • Added option to specify length of Album Descriptions on Homepage.
  • Fixed H1 on News Archive pages.
  • Added sorting parameters to Archive list.
  • Some code clean-up.
  • Changed theme preview.
1.3a – by kuzzzma (July 2023)
  • Fixed depreciated getMainSiteURL() in Header, Breadcrumbs and Footer.
  • Edited Breadcrumbs to use Home Icon in all pages.
1.3 – by kuzzzma (July 2023)
  • Cleaned up and structured Theme Options.
  • Added options:
    • Control how many News Items are shown on Homepage.
    • Control if Dropdown Menus are shown, separately for Albums, News, Pages.
    • Option to display mix of Albums and various sets of Images on Homepage.
    • Optional Sidebar in Archive.
    • If Print_album_menu is enabled, Album List it’s shown in Sidebar for Contact, Search and Credits pages.
    • Optional Popular Tags in Sidebar.
    • Control how Popular Tags are displayed.
    • Extended “Copyright Notice” field (HTML allowed), displayed on Image and Credits pages.
    • Additional “Homepage Message” field (HTML allowed), to display on Homepage.
    • Option to display “Gallery Description” as tagline under Text Logo in Header.
  • Fixed noindex/nofollow for Tags pages.
  • Favicon in [website root] folder will be linked in the Head section.
  • If you use IMG Logo in Header, it will be automatically included as OpenGraph and Twitter Preview Image for Homepage.
    If logo not selected: img.png in [website root]/uploaded folder will used.
  • Preview Images for other pages for OpenGraph and Twitter cards either use Default Size for Images in gallery or 800px width.
  • Added glyphicons from Bootstap to Headings for more uniform look.
  • New optional pages: Explore (lists all used Tags) and Sitemap (lists all News Categories, Pages and all Albums).
  • Some code clean-up and updates for mobile presentation.


  1. Download theme archive, unzip archive and upload Paradigm folder to zenphoto/themes of your Zenphoto install.
  2. Activate Paradigm theme in Options and edit theme options to your liking.
  3. Put site logo in [website root]/uploaded/logo.png. This image will be used for OpenGraph and Twitter thumb for homepage and it can be used to be displayed in Header. The optimal size is 200px wide but if larger it can be accommodated via custom CSS.
  4. Put favicon.ico in the [website root]. It will be linked in Head section.
  5. robots.txt and .htaccess file are located in /! extra files folder
    • Place the provided robots.txt at [website root]
    • If you use sitemap-extended, modify and uncomment the last line of the robots.txt to display the sitemap index URL.
    • Rename the existing .htaccess file on your server to “old.htaccess” and upload the provided .htaccess file at [website root].
  6. Add your custom CSS to file “! rename-to-custom.css” in paradigm/css folder, rename it to “custom.css” and leave it there.

Plugins supported:

Enable the Zenpage plugin to create news/blog and and additional pages, they will be included in the main navigation Dropdown Menu and Sidebar
If you use html_meta_tags, make sure you DISABLE following fields:

  • name=’keywords’
  • name=’page-topic’
  • name=’robots’
  • OpenGraph (og:)
  • twitter:card
  • Canonical URL link option
GoogleMap or OpenstreetMap
Enable GoogleMap or OpenstreetMap if you want to display GPS data, found in photo tags.
Enable the image_album_statistics plugin if you want to display the Latest or Random pictures on the homepage
Enable the print_album_menu plugin to display your albums in the main navigation Dropdown Menu and Sidebar
Featured Images

Recommended Zenphoto options:


  • Check to use mod_rewrite.
  • To get cleaner image page URLs, set an extension (.php, .htm, .html).
  • Set your “Gallery title” – it’s used to generate text logo and serves as title of the main page.
  • Fill out “Parent website title” – it is used in the end of the title tag of each page.


Your full images will be indexed in search engines. So:

  • Upload images with watermark, as the Zenphoto watermarking will not work.
  • Create images of a reasonable size: 800px to 900px on their largest side is optimal.


Select your theme options:

  • Enable Fluid for full-width website
  • Enable which Main Menu items will have Dropdown menus.
  • Header Logo – you can use picture logo or H1 “Gallery Title” in your Header, choose picture from [website root]/uploaded folder.
  • Header Tagline – if enabled, shows “Gallery Description” under H1 Text in Header.
  • Homepage Message – possibility to add a longer text to Homepage, HTML is allowed.
  • Configure options for Homepage Slideshow, if you want to use it.
  • If you want to display latest news on Homepage – enable News and choose number of news items to show.
  • Select what to display on your Homepage (Albums, Latest images or Random images)
  • Choose whether to display Archive and Search.
  • Configure display of Tags in Sidebar.
  • If you are using Google Analytics, add your ID (Do not paste the full code, only the ID is necessary).
  • Add links to your social profiles.
  • If you plan to use social share buttons, create an account at Sharethis (ID example: 6c4c074c-0b87-4c03-8476-c8cc149cc219).
  • You can add extended Copyright Notice message, it will be shown on Image pages and Credits. HTML is allowed.
  • Enable Credits page – shows extended Copyright message and links to Zenphoto and theme pages (with nofollow links).
  • Enable Explore page – lists all used Tags.
  • Enable Sitemap page – lists all News Categories, Pages and all Albums). Needs “Print album menu” plugin to work.


I have a demo-site online, where you can check out this theme in action: Zenphoto | Demo Site.
Keep in mind, that sometimes it’s under testing and may display errors, as I iron out various quirks for Paradigm theme or other themes I may be working on.

More screenshots of Paradigm theme.

Paradigm 1.3: Homepage view

Paradigm 1.3: album

Paradigm 1.3: image view

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