Two of Us

Свалился однажды ангел как снег на голову. Ну понимаете – с летательным аппаратом неполадки.
Нацепил себе на голову наушники и… правильно, отвлекся. столкнулся с парашютистом.

Перевязка, покой и чай даже ангела поставят на крыло.

Holy girl
Don’t get up
For running

Stay with me
I feel sad
When you run

источник вдохновения

follow me

Follow me
To a land across the shining sea
Waiting beyond the world
that we have known
Beyond the world a dream could be
And the joy we have tasted

Follow me
Along the road that only love can see
Rising above the fun years of the night
Into the light beyond the tears
And all the years we have wasted

Follow me
To a distant land, this mountain high
Where all the music that we always kept inside
will fill the sky
Singing in the silent swerve a heart is free…

While the world goes on
turning and turning
turning and falling

great fall

Love me love me love me…. Say you do.
Let me fly away with you.
For my love is like the wind and wild is the wind.

Give me more than one caress, satisfy this hungriness.
Let the wind blow through your heart for wild is the wind.

You… Touch me…
I hear the sound of mandolins.

You… Kiss me…
With your kiss my life begins.
You’re spring to me
All things to me

Don’t you know
you’re life itself…

Like a leaf clings
to a tree
Oh my darling,
cling to me
For we’re creatures
Of the wind

And wild is the wind
So wild is the wind

just a little crush

all of the king’s horses
and all of the king’s men
couldn’t pull my heart
back together again
all of the physicians
and mathematicians too
failed to stop my heart
from breaking in two
cos all i need is you
i just need you

you left me high
you left me low

now as i lie in pieces
and wait for your return…

it burns, burns…

on fire

It's time to say goodbye. I know that in time it will just fade away. It's time... say... ...good bye... I stand alone and watch them fade away like clouds. high !!up!! and in the sky! I'm strong. and may be cold. I stand alone. Goodbye. it was so long. Adieu... я сжег механические крылья... только для того, чтобы отрастить собственные.

CTRL+A как всегда.