Zenphoto theme | Paradigm (ver. 1.2)

Paradigm (Zenphoto theme) preview

I’ve updated Paradigm Zenphoto theme to version 1.2, now it can be used with Zenphoto 1.6.

This version retains original design and allows to easily add custom CSS file.
I use this theme with custom CSS at Action Figure Collector.

Since I’ve updated this theme to fix usage of depreciated functions and added several new features, I’ve decided to make it available to others.

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Zenphoto theme | Paradigm (ver. 1.3)

Fuck it. I'll do it myself.

After releasing “fix-it” version 1.2 for Zenphoto theme Paradigm, I’ve decided to finally add all the options I wished it had.

My focus was on flexibility and ease of customization, as now there is no need to edit theme files for the most sought-after edits like changing number of news items shown.
I’ve got rid of some inline styles that interfered with using custom CSS & updated mobile presentation.

Digging in meta-data fields revealed some digressions with permissions for robots (now all public pages and indexed and are controlled through robots.txt).

Download Paradigm ver. 1.3

Full list of changes in this version is available below:

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