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Fuck it. I'll do it myself.

After releasing “fix-it” version 1.2 for Zenphoto theme Paradigm, I’ve decided to finally add all the options I wished it had.

My focus was on flexibility and ease of customization, as now there is no need to edit theme files for the most sought-after edits like changing number of news items shown.
I’ve got rid of some inline styles that interfered with using custom CSS & updated mobile presentation.

Digging in meta-data fields revealed some digressions with permissions for robots (now all public pages and indexed and are controlled through robots.txt).

Download Paradigm ver. 1.3

Full list of changes in this version is available below:

1.3a – by kuzzzma (July 2023)
  • Fixed depreciated getMainSiteURL() in Header, Breadcrumbs and Footer.
  • Edited Breadcrumbs to use Home Icon in all pages.
  • Cleaned up and structured Theme Options.
  • Added options:
    • Control how many News Items are shown on Homepage.
    • Control if Dropdown Menus are shown, separately for Albums, News, Pages.
    • Option to display mix of Albums and various sets of Images on Homepage.
    • Optional Sidebar in Archive.
    • If Print_album_menu is enabled, Album List it’s shown in Sidebar for Contact, Search and Credits pages.
    • Optional Popular Tags in Sidebar.
    • Control how Popular Tags are displayed.
    • Extended “Copyright Notice” field (HTML allowed), displayed on Image and Credits pages.
    • Additional “Homepage Message” field (HTML allowed), to display on Homepage.
    • Option to display “Gallery Description” as tagline under Text Logo in Header.
  • Fixed noindex/nofollow for Tags pages.
  • Favicon in [website root] folder will be linked in the Head section.
  • If you use IMG Logo in Header, it will be automatically included as OpenGraph and Twitter Preview Image for Homepage.
    If logo not selected: img.png in [website root]/uploaded folder will used.
  • Preview Images for other pages for OpenGraph and Twitter cards either use Default Size for Images in gallery or 800px width.
  • Added glyphicons from Bootstap to Headings for more uniform look.
  • New optional pages: Explore (lists all used Tags) and Sitemap (lists all News Categories, Pages and all Albums).
  • Some code clean-up and updates for mobile presentation.

Paradigm 1.3: Homepage view with images sets

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