Zenphoto theme | Paradigm (ver. 1.6)

Zenphoto theme Paradigm - version 1.6

A new version of Paradigm theme for Zenphoto CMS comes very soon after previous release.

If version 1.5 was a collection of stuff I was working on for a almost 5 month, here and there, adding and fixing stuff, as I had a bit of time to work on it, version 1.6 is a beast of different kind.
When my life feels out of control and long-term, mid-term and short-term plans are gone out of the window yet again, I see myself again and again taking on this kind of work: code, solitude, problem-solving and being in control. Working on my web-projects and anything adjacent is almost therapeutic, it allows for regaining control in at least one section of my life and works as a “palate cleanser” against stress. That’s how I was able to check off so many items from my Paradigm To-do list, including some major items, that were actually planned for Ver. 2.0!

I’ve added support for several plugins and added more options for existing implementations, but my major concern was cleaning up of the code and reworking Options, as this was a major setback, that impacted speed of my work and was just a pain to look at. While working through it all, I’ve found a lot of small bugs and plan to report or just submit my solutions, when I have more free time.

Changelog and my notes are below. Bug reports and features suggestions are welcome.

I’ve also added new screenshots to the Screenshots of Paradigm ver. 1.6 Gallery on my Demo site.
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Zenphoto theme | Paradigm (ver. 1.5)

Zenphoto theme Paradigm - version 1.5

A new version of Paradigm theme for Zenphoto CMS was once again mostly implementing features born out of my own needs while working on a new website. As I’ve decided to cut myself some slack with content upload and spread it out intentionally through at least a year, I was able to pay more attention to CMS side of things, look into features for a better SEO and, in the process, catch some bags in Zenphoto and Paradigm and report or fix them.

Several issues were reported by users (Ewgeniy & Mark) for which I’m very grateful, as I wasn’t using those features myself and were not likely to catch bugs there anytime soon, also discussions with ChristianS on Zenphoto forum gave me a few ideas for future features (probably for version 1.6). So, if you have any ideas or noticed anything weird/not working – drop me a line.

Most additions add even more flexibility for displaying your content without any need to edit theme files.

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Zenphoto theme | Paradigm (ver. 1.4)

Zenphoto theme Paradigm - version 1.4

A new version of Paradigm theme for Zenphoto CMS was born out of my own needs and done amidst some really stressful times.
I’ve added a tags-related option way back in October (to combat duplicate content issues in search results) and recently found some time to add a few more features, to help this update qualify for a proper version number.

Most additions add even more flexibility for displaying your content without any need to edit theme files.
Full list of changes in this version is available below:

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07.2023 | Monthly Review


ANOHNI and the Johnsons – It Must Change

Anna Ternheim – Everytime We Fall

Основную массу впрочем составили почти часовые эпизоды подкаста We are Not so Different (про историю Средневековья), который я продолжал догонять в июле.




Polizeiruf 110: Adam Raczek and Vincent RossVincent Ross & Adam Raczek

Polizeiruf 110 (Świecko) (8/10)
Добыл и перевёл субтитры для трех серий Polizeiruf 110 про команду из Франкфурта (на Одере) с Adam Raczek & Vincent Ross, и наконец-то припал по рекомендации Wisedo. Когда мы вместе смотрели серию Der Gott des Bankrotts, стало очевидно что мы что-то пропустили – Adam Raczek просто пропал и нам пришлось искать пропущенную серию и добывать и ее тоже.

Вообще, 2 года рекламы наконец-то дали плоды и именно в конце июля мы успешно продали коллегам по имперском чатику Tatort и Polizeiruf, так что внезапно нам есть с кем обсудить грустных немецких полицейских. Цепеша заманили на банкротство, Флота на фешн – годы знакомства дают понимание, что зацепит каждого.


Paperized Oppenheimer papertoysOppenheimer paperized in July

  • Сделал 2 фигурки и диораму по Oppenheimer, основой стали скриншоты из фильма и фото реального Оппенгеймера. Диораму я собираюсь еще допилить по результатам тестовой сборки, но фигурки уже доступны для скачивания.
  • Paperized Oppenheimer papertoys deatailsНе удержался от добавления деталей.

  • В планах сделать и Барби тоже, но в связи с загруженностью и началом ФБ – не знаю когда доберусь.

Web & Tech:

  • Релиз Paradigm 1.3 (и 1.3a) версии темы для Zenphoto.
  • Начал работать над новой темой для Zenphoto, которую я делаю с нуля.
    Фокусом станет чистый код, простота кастомизации и оптимизация для SEO – базовый код уже написан, осталось поработать с CSS и реализацией всяких дополнительных функций.


fandom Galactic Empire 2023

  • Мы с командой Galactic Empire снова участвуем в ФБ’23, традиционно я делал визитку.
  • В этом сезоне мы породили ложноножку fandom DHL 2023, которую я тоже кэплю и в визитке для них сбылась моя мечта заюзать максимум желтого цвета.
  • 22.07.2023 давал интервью как капитан обеих команд, где отвечал на вопросы от ведущего, анонов и публики.
    Ответы можно прочитать по ссылке, мы сделали версию для тех, кто не юзает дискорд.


Barbieheimer is in the airBarbieheimer is in the air

Zenphoto theme | Paradigm (ver. 1.3)

Fuck it. I'll do it myself.

After releasing “fix-it” version 1.2 for Zenphoto theme Paradigm, I’ve decided to finally add all the options I wished it had.

My focus was on flexibility and ease of customization, as now there is no need to edit theme files for the most sought-after edits like changing number of news items shown.
I’ve got rid of some inline styles that interfered with using custom CSS & updated mobile presentation.

Digging in meta-data fields revealed some digressions with permissions for robots (now all public pages and indexed and are controlled through robots.txt).

Download Paradigm ver. 1.3

Full list of changes in this version is available below:

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