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Zenphoto theme Paradigm - version 1.6

A new version of Paradigm theme for Zenphoto CMS comes very soon after previous release.

If version 1.5 was a collection of stuff I was working on for a almost 5 month, here and there, adding and fixing stuff, as I had a bit of time to work on it, version 1.6 is a beast of different kind.
When my life feels out of control and long-term, mid-term and short-term plans are gone out of the window yet again, I see myself again and again taking on this kind of work: code, solitude, problem-solving and being in control. Working on my web-projects and anything adjacent is almost therapeutic, it allows for regaining control in at least one section of my life and works as a “palate cleanser” against stress. That’s how I was able to check off so many items from my Paradigm To-do list, including some major items, that were actually planned for Ver. 2.0!

I’ve added support for several plugins and added more options for existing implementations, but my major concern was cleaning up of the code and reworking Options, as this was a major setback, that impacted speed of my work and was just a pain to look at. While working through it all, I’ve found a lot of small bugs and plan to report or just submit my solutions, when I have more free time.

Changelog and my notes are below. Bug reports and features suggestions are welcome.

I’ve also added new screenshots to the Screenshots of Paradigm ver. 1.6 Gallery on my Demo site.

NB! Please delete following files from your /paradigm theme folder on your FTP when updating (if they exist)
Those files are not linked anywhere and were made redundant:
/paradigm/search – lightbox.php
All options were renamed to follow recommended naming rules for Zenphoto themes and plugins, so you may lose all your settings for Paradigm.
Make sure to check and take a note of your existing settings, BACKUP all text fields.
You will have to re-enter them after update!


Full list of changes in this version is available below:

1.6 – by kuzzzma (May 2024)
    • Fixed Responsive Behaviour throughout for both Fluid and Fixed layout.
    • Added rules for Extra-Large screens (>1900px) for both Fluid and Fixed layout.
    • Reworked all H1-H6 Headers for clean outlines throughout.
    • Removed all BR and HR tags from pages, now all of that is done via CSS.
    • Removed all style=height parameters from Image/Albums Thumbs, now all of that is done via CSS.
    • Added flexible styling to Images on Homepage and in Albums
    • Reworked Images/Albums/News/Pages Details Sections for consistency.
    • All content-zones now have corresponding #ID for ease of CSS styling.
    • Some fixes in Breadcrumbs section (typos, leftover code).
    • All code was cleaned-up, W3.org-validated, checked for typos, stray tags and other inconsistencies.

  • MAJOR WORK on Theme Options: Paradigm now has more than 100 options, so it had to be done!
  • You have to BACKUP all TEXT FIELDS and setup Paradigm from scratch!
    • Options were all renamed to ensure consistency in future according to naming rules for Zenphoto themes and plugins.
    • Reworked all Options groupings and settings, to make it easier to set up your website and add new options.
    • Reworked descriptions for Options.
  • Cleaned up Contact Form, fixed errors/warnings
  • Cleaned up Comment Form, fixed errors/warnings
  • Fixed missing Page indicator for H1 Headers/Head Title tags
  • Added options to display Custom Data for Images/Albums/News/Pages separately
  • Added options to display Rating for News/Pages
  • Added options to display Hitcounter for News/Pages
  • Added option to display Download button for fullsize Images
  • Added Links to more RSS feeds in Footer/Head [work in progress]

  • Support for Related Items plugin:
    • Options to control behaviour for Related Items in Images/Albums/News/Pages separately.
    • Enabled support of Featured Images as thumbs for News and Pages for Related Items.
  • Extended Featured Images plugin support:
    • Option to display Featured Image on a Page
    • Option to choose size of Featured Image displayed on Page or News Article separately (Full or Thumb)
  • Support for User Login-Out and Register User plugins.
    • Login and Register pages clean-up.
    • Options to show User Menu in Footer and Sidebar separately.
  • (?) Added support for Default Codeblocks plugin [work in progress]
    • Three zones for codeblocks setup in Sidebar, 1 in Footer
    • Three zones for codeblocks are setup in details zones for Images/Albums/News/Pages
    • Codeblock zones can be seen on my Demo-site
    I don’t recommend using DefaultCodeblocks with Paradigm yet, as I feel that I don’t fully understand it’s logic and therefore can’t implement with consistent and predictable results.


All options for Paradigm version 1.6:
Paradigm ver. 1.6: Options

Full list of recent changes, screenshots and features outline are available here: Zenphoto theme: Paradigm page.

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