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Zenphoto theme Paradigm - version 1.4

A new version of Paradigm theme for Zenphoto CMS was born out of my own needs and done amidst some really stressful times.
I’ve added a tags-related option way back in October (to combat duplicate content issues in search results) and recently found some time to add a few more features, to help this update qualify for a proper version number.

Most additions add even more flexibility for displaying your content without any need to edit theme files.
Full list of changes in this version is available below:


Changes in this version include:

1.4a – by kuzzzma (November 2023)
  • Added Image Number (within Album) to image Title and Description meta-tags, to combat identical Title and Description for images.
  • Added auto-generated text to Albums (without descriptions) and Tags pages Description meta-tags, to combat identical Title and Description for those pages.
  • Some code clean-up for usage with php 8.2 (thanks, fretzl)
1.4 – by kuzzzma (November 2023)
  • Added option to assign rel=”nofollow” to Tags links (works on every page, where they are displayed).
  • Added option to specify length to News Items on Homepage.
  • Added option to enable Album Descriptions on Homepage.
    If Album Custom Data is present – it is shown in full, if it is not available, Album Description is used.
  • Added option to specify length of Album Descriptions on Homepage.
  • Fixed H1 on News Archive pages.
  • Added sorting parameters to Archive list.
  • Some code clean-up.
  • Changed theme preview.


Full list of recent changes, screenshots and features outline are available here: Zenphoto theme: Paradigm page.
Bug reports and features suggestions are welcome.

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