I’m kuzzzma (sometimes styled as Kuz’ma).
Russian, born in Khabarovsk, living in St. Petersburg since 2003 (but, probably, not for long).

My blog is a record of my life, and is dedicated to my various interests and projects.
My hobbies include photography, papercraft, travel and collecting dolls.
I write in Russian and English.

If you like this site or found anything usefull here – you can donate any amount via Ko-fi (linked in sidebar), I use this money to pay for hosting.
UPD: You can’t donate anything due to sanctions towards Russia.


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This blog overview:

Me, elsewhere

Past haunts

Place to capture one’s autobiography in lists.
I Me Mine | LiveJournal
Personal blog for those still using LiveJournal
Старый блог на LiveJournal, успешно импортирован сюда.
Старый аккаунт на Flickr.
Place to search for gift ideas.
Stuff I actualy want and would be glad to recieve.
Bookmarks | Pinboard
Collection of links on various topics of interests, information for future reference.
Публичная коллекция ссылок.

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