Triad of the Soul
Attributes of Gevurah: The Path of Severity –
Strength, Joy in Desire, Union an Empty Dream, the Reins which are Held by the Woman is the Passion Which Unites Her to the Beast.

  1. Disunion – Who am I?
  2. The Threshold – Continue or Quit
  3. Love has Lost its First Glamour – Judged by Family, Friends, Lover, Then Self.
  4. Intellect Weakened by Sentiment, Broken, Fallen – Time for a Sabbatical, Retreat, Meditation, be Wary of Inertness.
  5. The Binding of Celestial Forces to Mechanical Purposes

  • All gestation records are attributed to those whose souls are already in Keter and the physical body is living its final life. The soul itself has its own tree and paths and once it has accomplished Keter it must wait for the body to move through its own tree of life one final time. Each time our physical body moves entirely through its tree in one lifetime our soul moves to the next sephiroth on its tree. The enlightenment process is so slow because it may take many lifetimes for the physical body to actually move through its entire tree in one life span. In this case the soul returns again and again until its physical body moves all the way up the tree so then the soul can jump up another step. Even if the soul is in Keter it can still take many lifetimes to accomplish the tree as well. Keep in mind as well, many have difficulties in different sephiroths and times vary. The times mentioned are roughly the shortest amount of time yet recorded. What may take one individual one year could take another five lifetimes. All is dependent on how observant you are to what tests are taking place. If you can pass the test and directly move onto the next you will find your speed has increased.
  • All stage information was acquired via first hand observations of several individuals moving through this sephiroth with in a two year period. I created this mapping process via similarities in steps located on the path to the sephiroth, in the sephiroth and leaving the sephiroth. The map was conclusive after all the individuals experienced the same patterns in similar time spans.

First Stage: Disunion

Possessions are a temporary retention of the flow of creation.
All that you let go of and give away will be replenished.
Avoid anything in excess and gluttony.
Avoid anxiety only allow concern and worry to keep the problems in mind to find the patterns in chaos and use divination to clear perspectives, work with the process of events do not get swept away by them.
Deepen your understanding not by ceaseless analysis; try to see the bigger picture and what is happening on a larger scale.
You must find the balance of observation and experience to move yourself ahead in the world, but allow others around you to progress as well enjoy the world yet remain indifferent.
This is where you can take stock in how far you have come and how far you hope to go.

Second Stage: The Threshold

This is the stage in which you will come upon a doorway, a threshold in which you will be bombarded with your own suppressed doubts and question if you want to continue on the tree of life or leave it behind for a normal and limited human life.

Third Stage: Love Has Lost its First Glamour

Adhere to the all-important flow and you must see everything and miss nothing and whatever stands between you and your goals must be removed. Do not waste time on unlikely victories, act accurately and you will have less wear and tear, this is not a time for misplaced sentiment.
Think through things very carefully, take notice of what people say, but use your own reasoning.
Keep your senses extended for you will need to select from all the information presented to you, but if you close the doors too early, you may miss something.
Share your creations with those around you; the transmission of knowledge is important.
Train for what you lack and share what you know, but do this your own way.

Fourth Stage: Intellect Weakened by Sentiment, Broken, Fallen

There will be an unexpected event or appearance; this will be a significant occurrence.
You will have to make a major decision, look for a sign, and take notes of omens. You can not make a decision with out reference to external powers or people. However, when you have the indications that you need, it will be you who makes the decision.
This will be a time to wait while the pocess of change takes its course. Whatever has been set in motion can not be halted now. Don’t waste energy trying to stop or accelerate it, this could only make things more complicated. Just try to steer your boat on the current.
Remove blockages and barriers, allow release, and you will have new creative energies and ideas flowing in.
You’re having a chance to view something of great interest to you, you maybe entering a phase when you can only observe attentively.
You have done what you can, and now you must wait for the results.
Do not drift off to sleep. Note your own accurate impressions will be very valuable in the times to come.
You can gather material even if you can’t yet do anything with it.
You need to choose what to let go of.

Too much energy of anything, even love, can be a burden if it’s energy is not fed back into circulation again.
You may also be asked to diagnose the problems or blockages in someone else’s work or life.
Keep their well-being in mind, and take away only as much as is necessary. You need to cut back, someone or something must be cut out of your life, or someone cuts you out of their life – something is stolen. “Sacrifice or be stolen from”.
Do not neglect that which requires attention. Seek counsel; de-cluttering virtue of this stage is freedom after unnecessary burdens have been removed.
Established strength, success after struggle, pride and arrogance, realization of hope and nobility.
Cruelty, consequent darkening of the skies, deceitfulness.
Receptivity of fire, adaptability, persistence, impatient in opposition, obstinacy, revenge, domineering. Quick to take offense without good cause.
Power now spent, water turned to slime, flowers droop, cups broken, abandoned success, declined of interest in anything, temporary success but with out further result.
Instability, misery, repining, journey from place to place.
May mean leaving material success for something higher.

About the Fifth Path: Severity / Justice / Inner strength – Isaac / Competition / Rigor

Gevurah is entering into the bigger world, and dealing with sometimes harsh consequences. This is where retribution or karma is enacted.
This is ‘base camp’ for the climb to Keter, and this is where we are tested to see if we are really prepared.
Gevurah is the warrior, the athlete, the adventurer, martial artist.
Gevurah is the “Left Hand of God.”
Gevurah, or “Severity – Justice,” is the next sphere up from Tipharet; it is where the balance learned in Tipharet is needed to deal with the tests ahead.
Gevurah is strong, unforgiving, and discriminating.
GEVURAH is balanced, and on the same level as, CHESED, or Mercy.
Gevurah, forming a triad with Tipharet and Chesed, balances three forces: The Heart (Tipharet), Judgment (Gevurah), and Generosity (Chesed).
The Zohar associates Chesed with Abraham, because his love for God was so great that he was prepared to sacrifice his own son at the Holy command. Isaac is associated with Gevurah, perhaps partly because of his anger for what had almost been done to him.

Potentials of Gevurah:
What you will have achieves after the succession of Gevurah.
Right use of Will and Power, self defense, confrontation, forcing of issues, bravado, courage, determination, devotion to duty, obedience to higher authority (chain of command), virility, and self-control.

Gevurah is the female force that contains and channels the energy of Chesed, the male force, an energy emission. Men DO, Women BE. Woman is the “akeret habayit” – the essence of the home – the Temple of the Family, while Man simply lives in the house.
The greater our ability to live an internal life which does not depend on others for the affirmation of “personal victories,” the closer we come to being humble.
Dependence feeds pride. Humility does not imply lack of self-esteem; on the contrary, tolerance and the ability to empathize are the very consequences of an individual’s self respect. It is actually a posture reflecting an internal reality, where the awareness of one’s own weaknesses generates great esteem for human nature. Hence the rabbinical adage: “Humility removes the fear of enemies, disputes, and pain.” Balance, always a core concept in Kabbalah, manifests itself in the soul triad as a synthesis of our more developed thinking, feeling and sensing functions.
An imbalance with too much Gevurah brings cruelty, perversion, sadism, workaholism, vengefulness – “Evil.”

Chesed – Gevurah

– Quick to judge and criticize, or

– Restraint and reflection before judgment

– A giver or a taker in relationships

– Ethical honesty; knowing when an action is selfish

Chesed/Gevurah is a check-and-balance system; it has a kind of parallax, and depth perception. Gevurah is the source of Divine judgment and law. Gevurah is restraint, and is balanced by Chesed, the giving nature.
Gevurah, or ‘might,’ is the energy of constriction or withdrawal, also called Tzimtzum, which contains or circumscribes the rush of life force, Chesed, the boundless outpouring of divine desire to give.
The divine attribute of Gevurah condenses the Chesed flow of light and life force, concealing it within materiality, so that creatures can live and matter exist screened from the intensity of the very forces providing the source of their existence. The Soul Triad is comprised of the Primary colors.
The fragrances ascribed to Sepher Gevurah are Tobacco and Leather.
It is associated with Mars, the warrior god.
Commandment: Honor your Father and Mother.

About Gevurah’s Planet: Mars

The Tower/Mars/Loss of Illusion

The Tower, or “Lightning Struck Tower,” represents the fall of earthly attachments and false structures of the egotistical mind. The lightning bolt is wisdom from the Higher Self, displacing the crown. The
crown is related to Keter, but when it is misused. It describes false materialism, putting the wrong things on the altar. It shows the result of the wrong use of will. Its fall shows the price of being presumptuous. Crowns appear in Keys 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 14, 16, Keter, and Malchut. The solitary tower shows the error of personal isolation. The 22 falling Yods represent the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, floating in air to show their power is not of the Earth. Some say this is the fall of Adam, or
the Tower of Babel – the destruction of artificial attempts to reach divinity. The letter Peh means “mouth,” as in the source of speech, connected to the confounding of human speech at the fall of Babel. This is also a lesson about the power of speech, and the importance of controlling it, for our own benefit and the benefit of others.
“Our eyes and ears do not always depend on our will power, but our tongues do.”

Peh is a “Double Letter,” with two sounds. The “Diamond Thunderbolt” is a masculine symbol, representing sudden, cutting-through wisdom or realization. Plutarch said that lightning imparted fertility to the soil it struck. The lightning bolt enters the tree at the top, and passes through all of the Sephirot.

Dark Star crashes, pouring its light into ashes –
Reason tatters, the forces tear loose from the axis
Searchlight casting, for faults in the clouds of delusion
Mirror shatters, in formless reflections of matter.

Robert Hunter

At any given moment, there are approximately 2000 thunderstorms occurring on Earth. This results in the planet being struck by lightning an estimated 100 Times per Second.
The people fall headfirst, showing that their mental structures are being broken down and replaced. They are clothed in red and blue, showing conscious and unconscious mind concealing (the clothes) underlying nature. Some see the Tree of Life as the original Garden of Eden; with the male and female poles united. The “Fall from Grace” is the separating of humanity from divinity, as incarnation is the process of separating and reuniting with Source. This area spans the tree, defining the first manifestation of separating desire, in the Realm of Personality. Moving up the tree, through individuation, desire eventually rejoins the source at Keter. In the Yesod/Hod/Netzach/Tipharet crucible, this area, The Tower, is the burned-off slag, while Temperance, Key 14, is the purified metal.
This area looks at the dialectic process; the endless argument of thesis and antithesis becoming synthesis, and synthesis becoming the new thesis. It also symbolizes a clean break with the past.


Mars’ placement at birth sets the character for the person’s vitality, and urge to accomplish.
It represents endurance, the ability to heal, courage, and confidence.
Mars influences the desire nature and sex drive.
Afflictions to Mars create inhibitions, timidity, cruelty, violence, excessive anger, impotence, lack of vigor.
Mars takes 687 days to complete its solar orbit though the zodiac.
Mars adds strength wherever it is placed in the chart.
Hard aspects with other planets can ‘angry up the blood,’ or perhaps impair Mars.
Easy aspects can increase strength, or focus Martian energy like a laser.
Mars is Exalted in Capricorn, and Rules Scorpio.
Mars’ detriment is Taurus/Libra and its fall is Cancer.

Author unknown, saved from Attributes of Gevurah: The Path of Severity.

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