Paris je t`aime

i’m not sure when i should celebrate those holidays since i’d changed timezones almost 4 years ago
i just got a feeling, that it was right thing to do, appropriate to the plot: to go to cinema at 31/12 to see this movie.

it came on me suddenly at friday, when it’s already almost impossible to work, when all around are more concerned about going to restaurant after work or some goods they ought to buy tomorrow at supermarket nearby

and cinema seemed to be a good place to face my new year: in a cozy red armchair, waiting for a good movie to start
last times it were metro station in 2004, some place i can’t recall in 2005, entrance of a shop in 2006.
had it any influence on years that came? will it?

of all things i learned in life – to trust in those “suddenly important” things, follow those “unexpected” routes – sometimes seems one of the most important.
so after the restaurant i went to buy myself a ticket to the movie.

1 ticket to a film about…
was it only about Love?

Paris, je t`aime