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Аккурат к очередной приближающейся годовщине моего использования сервиса last.fm, reddit подкинул ссылку на авторский проект по обработке их статистики: lastfmstats.com. Не могу не утащить самое интересное в виде скриншотов и моих комментариев.

Итак, почти 16 лет и более 450.000 прослушиваний рисуют нам следующую картину:
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perfect day

I give myself gifts for my birthday.
Not just random stuff I happen to want – I give myself gifts meant to be of use in the future I want for myself.

In 2010 I got myself a suitcase (a yellow one %), less than a year later I landed on a job with ASUS that made frequent travel a reality.
For year 2012 I treated myself to a trip to Moscow on a day of my birthday – to see one of my favourite bands in concert.
And yes, that’s a hint if ever there was one (using the occasion: thanks to whoever processed my wish up there, guys ;)

Sold as Seen

Northern Skies

Weather changed for worse in the evening, so all attendees of Ahmad Tea Fest were provided with plastic raincoats.
White ones, with spiky hoods… It made crowd look like a very strange Ku-Klux-Klan kadre: peaceful, cheerful, with tendency to lounge on grass, blow bubbles.

Surreal sight to say the least.

Strange Little Girl


When I was a boy, Soviet Union was portrayed as THEM in our press and media. And I never thought that I’d visit Moscow one day… I’m here now. And I’m diggin’ these outfits. But you DO LOOK like THEM”.
John Bramwell (of I Am Kloot)

Over the evening listeners were also compared to ghosts or just possibly angels.

You look like a CLOUD from here!

I Am Kloot

I Am Kloot I Am Kloot

I Am Kloot

I Am Kloot

Singing songs about “LOVE and… DISASTER”



Таким и запомню.

1 hour 36 minutes 34 seconds

Private Universe Soundtrack - front cover

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