I hate August

it’s unstable, it’s full of uncertainty and fidgeting.
there’s too much hesitation and constant wavering.
august is hazy and unsettling.

august is begging for changes, and with me – it’s dangerous,
‘cos i believe in Decisions, swift actions and cleansing.
every august nothing is safe, nor things nor people.

i love november, when all is still and crystal clear.


soundtrack for this august

Tindersticks 1997 album “Curtains” is (once again) my constant companion this august.

Неожиданое сочетание.

1 hour 36 minutes 34 seconds

Private Universe Soundtrack - front cover

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Проснешься так утром и (упссс!) понимаешь, что болен.
А ведь так долго боролся, старался, принимал меры.

Хочется проснутся завтра – и (ой!) оказатся здоровым.

Нет, ну это вряд ли, да?
Не светит такое счастье мне явно.

Наверно, не стоит писать про желание “любви, ласки … и чего-нить пожрать!”
В магазин сходить? Не смешите мои уютные тапочки!

Слушаю себе Tindersticks – потому как tryin’ to regain my balance.
Все болезни же от нарушения баланса в организме.

4:48 Psychosis

But you have friends
What do you offer your friends
to make them so supportive?
What do you offer?
Hatch opens,
Stark light!

The television talks
Full of eyes
The spirits of sight

And now I am so afraid

I’m seeing things
I’m hearing things
I don’t know who I am

Tongue out
Thought stalled

Standing up At 4:48

When sanity visits
For 1 hour and 12 minutes
I am in my right mind

When it has passed
I shall be gone again

Remember the light
And believe the light
Nothing matters more

Hatch opens!
Stark light…

Hatch opens…

A table, two chairs
and no window

The piecemeal crumple of my mind

How do I stop? How do I stop?
Where do I start?
How do I stop? How do I stop?
Where do I stop?

Here am I
(!!Here I am!!)
And there is my body

In accident time where…
…there are no accidents

…Stark light

Dancing on glass

You have no choice
The choice comes after

What do
you offer?

At 4:48 I shall sleep…
At 4:48
The happy hour
When clarity visits
And Nothing
See – Nothing

I shall freeze in hell