rules of this ship

Spike and Faye from Cowboy Bebop

First of all, do not tell me the rules of this ship.
This is not your ship. You are a barnacle stubbornly clinging to the hull.

Second, we just hit a bounty.
There were a bunch of food containers right next to this one.

Third, what you so callously wolfed down your bloated throat happened to be egg rolls from the shop I lived over as a kid. They are the best egg rolls in the fucking universe.
I have not had these egg rolls in ten years and will probably never have them again because the guy who made them is about two seconds away from a massive coronary.

So basically, you just ruined my life and I hate you.

у вас никогда так не было: читаете текст на англ.
хороший текст, хорошо написаный, хорошим литературным языком.
то есть получаете от чтения физическое удовольствие…
но никак не удается отвязатся от ощущения, что родной язык автора – все же русский?
обороты иногда попадаются такие.. родные что-ли? и “послевкусие” странное.

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