sipping through

I took Lorna’s hand and kissed it.
“You know the wonder, Lorna,” I said.
“What’s the wonder?”
“I don’t know, just the wonderful elliptical, mysterious stuff that we’re never going to know completely”.

One of my all-time-favourite sources of wonder is a idea of fiction sipping through into our world.
It becomes real inside our minds as we nurture it by believing in stories we read, by shedding tears and caring.
I wonder if it makes them really REAL, more real than our usual reality – just imagine an energy of belief poured by many readers into select storylines!
Some of them won’t ever experience anything so intense in their own “lives”.

I collect not just “nearly perfect moments“, but also instances of events reenacted (deliberately or unconsciously) in real life.
Like Bloomsday, or Towel Day/Anniversary of the Glorious Revolution of the Twenty-Fifth of May or THIS:

На складе Почты России сгорели недоставленные письма

Neither rain nor snow nor glom of nit can stay these mesengers abot their duty.

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