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This is part 4 of 4 in the series Tenet papertoys
Paperized Tenet papertoys.
Original pattern by: Paulo of Paperized Crafts
Custom model by: kuzzzma
Other credits: vector art by Vectorbox Studio via Vecteezy
Difficulty / Сложность: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)
Paper / Бумага: I prefer 120gsm
Time / Время: 1 hour / час

Paperized Tenet papertoys
This is my first time customizing Paperized Crafts template and I’ve decided to create papertoys of most recent Christopher Nolan’ film Tenet main characters – the Protagonist and Neil.

I’ve modified original Paperized pattern for more streamlined assembly – rearranged some flaps, added extra body piece – as a “body gap” in original always bugged me. Also hands construction was changed a bit (for same reason). So, here are some photos of finished figures and a brief “How-to” instructions.

UPD December 2023: I’ve completely reworked these templates and old versions are no longer available for download, but I’ve decided to keep this post up with previews and photos of older versions for posterity.

Outfits were taken from this Oslo scene:
Tenet Oslo scene

Previews for old templates:
Paperized Neil papertoy (old template)

Paperized Protagonist papertoy



Paperized Tenet Neil and Protagonist papertoys

Paperized Tenet Neil papertoy

Paperized Tenet Protagonist papertoy

More photos of my build – in the Tenet papertoys photo album

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