In my bag (May 2022)

In my bag - May 2022

It’s been ages since I’ve done one of those… So here is my minimal everyday carry after 2 years of pandemic.

Most used bag at the moment is my ECCO Belaga mini crossbody bag in blue-grey, it held really well – saffiano-type leather used means there are no visible scratches even after all those years. Bag style is perfect for me, it goes with everything.


In my bag (Malden contents) - May 2022

So let’s dive inside.

Mobile phone – ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL
Wired headphones
Some Chinese brand – I got them for free from a friend when ASUS headphones broke down (problems with the cord). They held really well – 3 years and counting.
I do have a pair of wireless headphones too, but I only use them when working out, as I find controls too finicky to use (3 taps on left year, 2 taps on right.. who wants to remember those?!)
Travel card “Подорожник”
Card to pay for public transport in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Mini Filofax Malden
Malden was setup as a wallet/notebook and I’m very pleased with results, it gives me space for notes on the go, keeps some spare cash and bank cards + my travel card too.
UNIQLO face mask
The sign of the times! Black Uniqlo face mask, part of the set, can be washed and reused.
Keys with “Big Wave” key chain
Keys to my home. Key chain with ukiyo-e print by Hokusai is a souvenir from British Museum.
Mirror & tissues
Temporary necessity – winds and leftover sand from out snowy winter of 2022 (used to make streets walkable) make my eyes water, so I need to check my make-up if used.
Envirosax shopping bag
I can’t believe I still use 2 shopper bags from Envirosax I bought 10 years ago!
They are the only ones I own and they held wonderfully.


Notable differences from previous years are:

  • No make-up items, as mask usage makes lipsticks not practical.
  • No dedicated wallet – my old one got too old and was replaced by mini Filofax.
  • Now I only carry my main planner when needed – Van Der Spek planner currently has 30mm rings and takes up too much space in my mini bag, so when I need it with me, I swap ECCO Belaga for some other bag. Info I need to keep on hand for specific days I write down in mini Filofax Malden.
  • Passport – most often I used it to get parcels, but in recent years Russian Post got progressive-thinking and allowed authentication with SMS, so now I only take it when absolutely needed.
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