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Kaweco x Tokyobike promo

I don’t celebrate my birthday with a huge party – I prefer meeting friends in small groups or one-on-one when our timetables allow, so celebration usually lasts for at least a month. During pandemic years, it stretched even further – to three summer months… But this year is a record breaker – with war and my moving, I’m still recieving birthday gifts 6 month after.

One of the staples of my Wishlist is “Anything in YELLOW”, so after expressing interest in fountain pens I wasn’t surprised to receive several yellow ones. Today I got Kaweco x Tokyobike collaboration in Dynamic Yellow as a late birthday present and here is my review of it with some unboxing pictures.

Promos & Info

Kaweco x Tokyobike ‘Dynamic Yellow’ is a China Exclusive release from Kaweco. Pen can be obtained from TaoBao or AliExpress (mine was bought here).

Kaweco x Tokyobike promo


Kaweco x Tokyobike: shipper box

Kaweco x Tokyobike: shipper (inside)

Pen came in a Kaweco shipper, on the inside there’s a logo with a German Shepherd holding a Kaweco pen, which gives me Kommissar Rex vibes.
On the second flap there’s a tagline “My pens are cooler than yours”, which made me chuckle, and 3 QR-code links to Kaweco official channels on QQ, Weibo and Xiaohongshu (Chinese media and e-commerce platforms).

Kaweco x Tokyobike: boxes

Inside, there was a Kaweco brand presentation booklet in Chinese, Kaweco x Tokyobike box and 2 extra vials with Pen clip and a Kaweco pen converter (SO TINY!).


Kaweco x Tokyobike: box, case and postcard

Inside bright colored box there were:

  • Fountain pen instructions booklet in Chinese with a bright spread, showing some vintage Kaweco ads
  • Cardstock pen rest for Kaweco Sport
  • Kaweco x Tokyobike postcard
  • Kaweco metal tin case

Kaweco x Tokyobike: contents

Inside metal tin case holds the usual:

  • Folded fountain pen instructions booklet in Chinese & English with some historical facts about the brand
  • Kaweco Sport in Dynamic Yellow
  • Pack of 6 Kaweco cartridges in Pearl Black
  • Kaweco Blue cartridge inside pen.

Some additional unboxing photos are available in my Kaweco x Tokyobike fountain pen photo album.

Pen body

Pen is a familiar shape of Kaweco Sport, with screw-on cap, which can be securely posted to add length to the pen.
Material used is ABS plastic with silver nib and accents.
So, no surprises? As if.

I have Kaweco Skyline in Cyan and Tokyobike version immediately feels sturdier, more solid, less flimsy and less prone to scratching, even when looking at the rim of a cap it seems that Tokyobike uses thicker plastic. I was pleasantly surprised, so I weighted both – Cyan comes at 11 grams and Tokyobike at 12 grams, so the weight difference is minuscule at this scale, but you still can feel it in hand.

On the cap there are 2 inscriptions: Kaweco Sport on one side and Tokyobike on the other.

Kaweco x Tokyobike fountain pen: Kaweco Sport logo


Pen is available in EF and F nib sizes.

Mine is EF and writes smoothly out of the box, but it’s more wet than Cyan EF. As I prefer dryer writing pens, I might adjust the ink flow or maybe a different ink (currently I tried it with a Kaweco Pearl Black cartridge).


So, finally, the colour.

Kaweco x Tokyobike fountain pen: shades of yellow
It’s a very warm egg yolk yellow, with reddish undertone to it, much warmer than Pilot Prera and the cap of Pilot Kakuno.

Still, as Kaweco doesn’t have a yellow pen in it’s regular format and Sunrise/Sunset exclusives are hard to get your hand on at this time, this pen might be a way to satisfy your yellow cravings in a Kaweco Sport form-factor.


I’m very satisfied with this pen – it feels great in hand, it’s a bright happy yellow and comes with all possible Kaweco extras: clip, that tiny converter, metal tin and 7 cartridges in total.

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