Avatars | Mad Max: Путешествия вдохновляют

Название: Путешествия вдохновляют
Сделано для: WTF Mad Max 2018
Форма: сет аватаров
Пейринг/Персонажи: персонажи Mad Max Fury Road
Категория: джен
Количество: 67 шт
Размер и вес: ширина/высота 120 пикселей, вес до 30 Кб
Рейтинг: G-PG-13
Материалы: из артов в книге Mad Max Fury Road Inspired Artists (2015)

song of today

Nothing is real, nothing is eternity
Nothing is all, nothing is innocence
Nothing is truth, nothing is answer
Keep sleeping yet.

Living is dazzle, living is distance
Living is puzzle, living is sadness
Living is prayer, living is question
Keep silence yet.

The circle is closed by a quiet song, the circle is purified for you.

When can you look the truth of the dream?
When can you touch the truth of the love?
So can you feel the voice callin’ you in the far distance?

The sky is high, the dark is deep, the depth is waiting for the time…
Across to find the truth of the world,
When can you touch the truth of the dream
So can you feel forever.

RahXephon artwork