papercraft | Paperized Eagle – Marcus Aquila (centurion version)

Eagle of the Ninth papertoy – Marcus Aquila (centurion version).
Custom model by: kuzzzma
Difficulty / Сложность: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)
Paper / Бумага: 120gsm or higher
Time / Время: 1 hour / час
Background picture: vector created by macrovector
Notes: Оригинальная выкройка от Paperized претерпела серьезные изменения – добавились элементы, были переделана логика склейки.
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The Eagle of the Ninth papertoys - Marcus Aquila centurion
Marcus Aquila (centurion version)

Маркус Аквила – персонаж книги “Орел Девятого Легиона” и ее экранизации The Eagle (2011). Эта бумажная фигурка берет за основу образ Маркуса-центуриона, созданный в фильме Чаннингом Татумом.

Marcus Aquila is a character from “Eagle of the Ninth” book and “The Eagle”, it’s 2011 film adaptation. This papertoy shows Marcus in his centurion days (with removable helmet) and is based on his portrayal by Channing Tatum.

The Eagle of the Ninth - Channing Tatum as centurion Marcus Aquila
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papercraft | Centurion Marcus Aquila papertoy

Papercraft The Eagle of the Ninth – Centurion Marcus Aquila paper toy
Created for: WTF The Eagle 2018 team.
Model by: kuzzzma
Background picture: by vector created by macrovector @
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)
Time: ~1 hour

The Eagle of the Ninth paper toys - Marcus as centurion

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