ВДНХ: Цель захвачена

Подруга выгуливает маму по Москве на ВДНХ, там выставка-форум “Россия” и две головы русских дев…

Ассоциации самые разные и много, включая сфинксов в “Бесконечной истории”, но ощущение, что они следят – возникает у каждого. В финале, когда две головы медленно поворачиваются к снимающей видео lintares очень не хватало надписи “цель захвачена”…

Пришлось сделать самой.

ВДНХ, Выставка-форум Россия: цель захвачена

Видео с выставки под катом:
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Latest build | SD Gundam Wing Zero

SD Gundam Wing Zero – papercraft model, my build.
Model by: ~Toyoppe
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ (3/5) – model is not hard, but there’s a lot of parts
Time: 4 evenings

SD Gundam Wing Zero

I wanted to build this one for a very long time… Winged Gundams are very extra!
First time building something by Toyoppe – and it’s a success. Process for this elaborate model was very well thought out and building it was a pleasure.

SD Gundam Wing Zero paper model is spread across several pages, you have to print it on colored paper, so depending on colours chosen (if you deviate from author’s suggestions) – final look may be very unique.

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Latest build | SD Gundam Masamune

SD Gundam Masamune – papercraft, my build.
Model by: 333bankin
Difficulty: ★★★★☆ (4/5)
Time: a few evenings

SD Gundam Masamune

I love 333bankin Gundam models, they look super cool and are a joy to build, this one is not an exception.
Very intricate design, a lot of details in a very compact form.

More photos in Masamune Gundam photo album.

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Latest build | SD Gundam Ashigaru

SD Gundam Ashigaru – papercraft, my build.
Model by: 333bankin
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Time: ~3 hours

SD Gundam Ashigaru

Another SD Gundam by 333bankin – this one is more streamlined and less deformed in shape.
Lovely model, easy to assemble, and it looks great when displayed with his pal.

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