How-to | Kaweco tin box pen case

Kaweco tin turned into a pen case

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a you can’t leave Kaweco metal tin empty, it begs to be used to hold something. As soon as I got my Kaweco x Tokyobike pen, I started to look what to put there and obviously, your consideration starts with pens.
It’s originally a case for a pen, right?

But it’s a case for a particularly small pen, so what else can fit there?

Apparently, Pilot Prera (which is a smaller pen) fits perfectly and you can fit 3 of those in one case. I was over the moon with this discovery, as Pilot Prera are one of my favourits for writing on the go and while I can fit one into the pen loop of my Van Der Spek planner, a pen case for several + handful of accessories would be just the thing.

Kaweco tin box is metal, so it would require some padding for safekeeping my lovely solid-colour Preras.
I’ve decided to make padded inserts myself, it’s a quick and easy project, how-to with photos is available below for anyone interested.

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