How many times must we start again
The creation of the world from beginning to end?
What will it take before we learn?

We gotta wake up now ‘n’ show some concern:
What will the future hold?
How many untold stories will be told?
Just what will the future bring?
How many species of birds will have a song to sing?

Man ‘n’ man can’t even get on,
‘N’ man ‘n’ woman’s been at war for far too long!
Superior race, all this black ‘n’ white vision…
Catholic. Muslim. There’s too many religions!

Too much hatred, too much greed…
Ignorant people pollute the air that we breathe.
We’ve gotta wake up now before it’s much too late.
Hungry people need food on their plate.
People being killed for just a few pence…
Can you justify that ’cause it makes no sense to me.

You’re growing up much too fast .
The destruction of mankind – how long will it last?

Perfect – that’s what I’m striving to be.
The next best thing will do for me
I do my best – you disagree
Holier – than – thou holier – than – me.
Committing crimes with no remorse.
As good as gold now an evil force.
One word description is a dis
You lick a boy down for his bag of cheese ‘n’ onion crisp…
And you don’t even stop to think,
Whatever happened to the dinosaurs could make us all extinct

I’m being judged by the clothes that I wear.
We gotta educate those with a grudge to bear,
But I’m content to a certain extent .

You’re condemned for life it’s too late to repent.
Inna – most beauty such a terrible waste…
Caught between a rock and a hard place.

  Be judged according to what you’ve done.
  Live this life, the next is a better one.
  Eat the fruit from the tree of life,
    ‘Cause if you live by the sword… you’ll die by the knife.

          How great and wonderful are your days,
            How right and true are your ways?
            No more death, grief, crying or pain
              ‘Cause only the good things will remain…

        Hear my words ’cause what I’m saying is true,
    Treat them exactly as they treated you –
  Wipe away the tears from your eyes
  Be proud, lift your head up – reach for the skies.

  Condemned for what you did to them
  Now see how quick they fall to worship him.
  There’s a place in my heart that makes me understand,
  Prepared and ready like a bride dressed to meet her husband.

  Treat life as a learning process
  I said turn right – so you took a sharp left.
  Wake up and we’ll all sleep peacefully
  The sun shines but it still seems bleak to me…
  You tell a lie and convince me it’s the truth.
  I’m well mannered yet you still call me uncouth.

          I believe that there’s got to be much more
            I hope I’m ready when death comes knockin’ on my door.
              Maybe tonight, maybe as I sleep.
                It can drive you mad if you think too deep.

              But don’t have a breakdown
                  ’cause I called you a clown.
                    You threw a punch ‘n’ missed,
                      I killed you with a kiss

                      What on earth will you do then?
                      The hour of your death amen?

                      ‘N’ all the prejudice that I’ve sustained.
                        I know it sounds funny
                        but I just can’t stand the pain.

                      Six foot below, reap what you sow
                      Grim without grief, sad without sorrow…

cat tale

There was a cat who could live for a million years.
He died a million times, and lived a million times.
He was a great tiger-striped cat.
A million people adored the cat,
And a million people cried when that cat died.

The cat never cried, not even once.

Do you know a story...
Once, the cat was a kings cat.
The cat hated the king.
The king was great at war, and was always at war.
And, he put the cat in a magnificent cage,
And took him out to war.
One day, the cat was hit by a flying arrow, and died.
The king embraced the cat and wailed during the battle.
The king stopped the war and returned to his castle.
And, he buried the cat in the castle’s garden.

Once, the cat was a sailors cat.
The cat hated the seas.
The sailor took the cat to all the seas of the world,
And all the ports of the world.
One day, the cat fell off the boat.
The cat could not swim.
The sailor hurriedly scooped up the cat with his net,
But the cat was soaked and dead.
The sailor embraced the cat which was now like a wet rag,
And wailed in a loud voice.
And, he buried the cat under the tree
In a park in a far-away port.

Once, the cat was the cat of a magician in a circus.
The cat hated the circus.
The magician put the cat inside a box every day,
And cut him in half with a saw.
Then, he removed the cat, still in one piece,
Out of the box to receive his applause.
One day, the magician made a mistake,
And really cut the cat in half.
The magician wailed in a loud voice,
Holding the two parts of the cat in each hand.
Nobody applauded him.
The magician then buried the cat behind the circus tent.

Once, the cat was a burglars cat.
The cat hated burglars.
The burglar walked quietly through the dark town with the cat,
Just like a cat.
The burglar robbed only houses with dogs.
While the dog was barking at the cat,
The burglar opened the safes.
One day, the cat was bitten to death by the dog.
The burglar embraced the cat with the diamonds he stole,
And walked through the night town wailing in a loud voice.
Then, he went home and buried the cat in a small yard.

Once, the cat was the cat of a lonely grandmother.
The cat hated grandmothers.
The grandmother looked outside every day from a small window,
Holding the cat in her arms.
The cat was asleep all day on top of the grandmother’s lap.
Time passed, and the cat died of old age.
The frail grandmother embraced the frail dead cat,
And cried all day.
The grandmother buried the cat under a tree in the yard.

Once, the cat was a little girls cat.
The cat hated children.
The girl piggy-backed the cat, and slept clutching the cat.
When she cried, she wiped her tears on the cat’s back.
One day atop the girl’s back,
The holster to keep the cat secure wound around his neck,
And the cat died.
Holding the cat with the dangly neck, the girl cried all day.
And, she buried the cat under a tree in the yard.

The cat had no fear of dying.

Once, the cat wasn’t anyones cat.
He was a stray cat.
The cat was able to be his own cat for the first time.
The cat loved himself.
Since he was a great tiger-striped cat,
He became a great stray cat.

All the female cats wanted to be the cat’s wife.
There were cats that gave him huge fish.
Others gave him premium mice.
Some cats brought rare catnip as a gift.
Other cats licked his tiger fur for him.
The cat said to all of them:
“I’ve died a million times! This is so ridiculous now!”

The cat loved himself more than anyone else.

But there was just one beautiful white cat
That didn’t even look at the cat.
The cat went over next to the white cat, and told her,
“I died a million times!”
The white cat just said, “Oh.”
The cat became slightly upset, since he loved himself.
The next day, and the day after that,
The cat went over to the white cat and told her,
“You haven’t even finished one life.”
The white cat just said, “Oh.”

One day, the cat did three somersaults in front of the white cat,
and said, “I once was a cat for a circus.”
The white cat just said, “Oh.”
The cat started to say, “I have had a million….”
Then asked the white cat, “Can I be at your side?”
The white cat said, “Yes.”

The cat stayed by the white cat for a long time.

The white cat had many cute kittens.
The cat no longer dared to say “I have had a million….”
The cat loved the white cat and all the many kittens.

Even more than himself.

As time passed, the kittens grew up and all went away.
The cat, satisfied, said, “They became great stray cats now.”
The white cat said, “Yes,” and softly purred her throat.
The white cat had become a grandmother cat.
The cat purred his throat even more softly.
The cat thought that he wanted to live forever with the white cat…

One day, the white cat quietly stopped moving next to the cat.

On that day cat cried for the first time in his life.

Night came, morning came,
Night came again, and morning came again.
The cat cried a million times.
Morning came, night came — and one afternoon, the cat stopped crying.
The cat, next to the white cat, quietly stopped moving.

The cat never came back to life again.

– That’s a nice story
– Yeah? Well, i hate it.

Yoko Sano illustration: Cat that lived a million times