Momoko | Retro Mermaid (08.2017) – First photoshoot

One of my doll purchases in August is latest Momoko from Sekiguchi – Retro Mermaid (レトロマーメイド).
She was unveiled in May and released in August of 2017.


Let’s look at her promo pictures first:
Momoko Retro Mermaid Promo 01

Her outfit is simple and, truth be told, is not particularly interesting: two-piece two-tone swimsuit with white accents.
Shoes are nice though, hat and bag – with oversized details and could work for many other dolls.

Momoko Retro Mermaid Promo 02

Momoko Retro Mermaid Promo 03

What drew me in and forced my hand were her fair skin, fresh make-up and bright two-tone hair.
I wanted a red-haired Momoko for a long time!


At first, some unboxing pictures:
Momoko Retro Mermaid: Box (front)

Momoko Retro Mermaid: Close-up

Momoko Retro Mermaid: Contents

Take note that all her torso, hands and thighs were wrapped to protect body from possible color transference.
I was not willing to test swimsuit resistance to bleeding and promptly removed it from doll after initial photoshoot.

So, onto her pictures!


Momoko Retro Mermaid: Portrait

Momoko Retro Mermaid: Portrait in hat

Momoko Retro Mermaid

Momoko Retro Mermaid: Full height

Her Album on Doll Collector with more photos
Doll info on Sekiguchi website

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