Momoko | Soft Hot Milk (11.2015) – First photoshoot

Along with Momoko Retro Mermaid I’ve received another Momoko doll – Soft Hot Milk.
This doll was announced in September of 2015 and released in November 2015.
At that moment I was too busy with buying my apartment and had no free time (or money) for indulging my dolly passions…
But memory of this sweet girl with wide eyes looking up into autumn sky persisted – and while placing preorder for Retro Mermaid I looked her up at amiami website.
Here she was, with huge discount – of course, I had to have her.

Promo pictures:

Momoko Soft Hot Milk Promo 01

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Latest haul: AmiAmi parcel

Today was a happy day: after 5 days on the road my latest haul from amiami arrived on my doorstep.
Inside were two Momoko dolls for myself and Ussagie 033 for my friend (So good to have friends to share shipping costs with!)

That was my first experience with preordering dolls via AmiAmi and I was quite pleased with their system.
Packaging was sufficient and shipping to Russia via EMS took 5 days (nothing unusual though, all my packages from Japan to St.Petersburg took no longer than a week).

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Momoko | Snow White

Momoko Snow White | Smile

Моя первая коллекционная кукла и первая Момоко – Snow White.
Первый раз она попалась мне на глаза году в 2008 и это была любовь с первого взгляда.

Несколько лет спустя у меня в голове щелкнуло: я же взрослая девушка и могу сама себе купить куклу!
Куплена весной 2011, приехала ко мне 8го марта.

В ней собрано практически все, что характерно для других моих кукол: светлая кожа, яркие губы,
родной оутфит (кимоно!) в черно-бело-красной гамме, который не хочется снимать.

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