Techo Kaigi | Mid-Year Planner Review 2024

Techo Kaigi: Mid-year planner usage review 2024

My birthday falls on the 2nd of June, so beginning of the Summer it’s a traditional time of self-reflection for me. A few weeks before or after my birthday I spend hatching new plans, setting new goals and it’s perfect time to check my planner usage too, as we’re 5 month into year 2024 and I had time to evaluate my current setup.

A start of a new cycle, akin to a New Year, demands review and adjustments to be made for my envisioned future.

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Techo Kaigi | My planner system review 2023

Techo Kaigi: My planner system review 2023

Every year around October I start to think about finally printing out inserts for my planner for the coming year. As I’ve printed my own inserts since 2016, I’ve always took this time to review my usage and make adjustments. Thanks to stumbling upon this video with mid-year review of planner usage by team at US stationary shop Yoseka, I’m now aware that this practice has a new trendy, japanese-inspired name of “Techo Kaigi”, thanks to thriving planner culture around Hobonichi Techo and other planners.

So, below are my musings about my planner usage, my experiments with insert layouts and what I’m going to test out in coming month, before I commit to a full year of inserts.

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