fading out

Abbey Lincoln

Abbey Lincoln – Throw It Away

Abbey Lincoln, Stuart A. Staples, Ikue Asazaki, Jackson C. Frank,
Billie Holiday, Franco Sansalone, Nina Simone, Kimiko Itoh, Jarvis Cocker,
Freddie Mercury, Björk Guðmundsdóttir, David Brown, Bobby Womack’s Stylo’ solo… – i’m a slave to these voices

p.s. several weeks ago i learned that Nujabes (hip-hop producer and DJ) died in February,
which means there is no more need to wait for a new album
rest in beats?


it should be written down.

now i know WHY i was so inclined on 29.04 as my departure date:
this way i’d be able to see my grandmother alive.

since it became apparent that i can’t leave on 29 – i was waiting for consequences.
will there be an accident with a plane? or something, anything to explain my uneasiness?
when yesterday came a message that my grandmother suddenly feels worse – i knew that’s IT

It may seem like a whim, like an unnecessary haste, like an stupid thing to do.
But you better DO IT ANYWAY.
That is the lesson.