papercraft | Gorillaz Murdoc papertoy (cape version)

This is part 8 of 8 in the series Gorillaz papertoys
Gorillaz: Murdoc – papertoys, my design and build.
Model by: kuzzzma
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)
Time: around an hour

Inspired by KidRobot Gorillaz figures: Murdoc of Phase 2, “CMYK” version.

My Gorillaz project is not dead: another version of my Murdoc papertoy, this time – in his underwear and that hat.
Only Russel left to make…

Gorillaz Murdoc paper toy (pants)


Gorillaz Murdoc paper toy (pants)


Gorillaz papercraft Murdoc in cape preview

How-to build:

Figure has the same shape as previous version of Murdoc.

  • Assemble all parts individually.
  • There’s a cut in the bottom of body, to make crotch more… noticeable :)
  • Put it together in following order:
  1. Attach neck to body
  2. Attach boots to legs
  3. Attach legs to body
  4. Assemble arms, attach to body
  5. Assemble guitar, put it on figure (strap has some excess length, to allow different placement – measure on figure and cut.
  6. Put cape on (it’s possible to put it after attaching head, but much easier to do before)
  7. Color hair with black marker to ensure more accurate look – back of hair, white parts of paper showing through
  8. Attach hair to head
  9. Glue in ears
  10. Attach head to neck
  11. Put it all together after that.
  12. Hat is not glued in
  13. Top of the hat is tricky to get right – so do as best as you can, than trim excess
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